Sports Science, Research and Entertainment Management (SREM)

E2 International Sports & Entertainment Management Division is a full service agency designed to provide its clients with the best opportunities to succeed. Leveraging our vast experience in the United States military and private industry, we at E2 Sports & Entertainment Management realize that there is much more that goes into becoming successful at one's profession than natural ability alone. It takes endless hours of preparation, practice and focus.

It is with that in mind that E2 Sports and Entertainment Management dedicates itself to individual attention and detail. As a full service agency, our goal is to support our clients with integrity and professionalism so they can devote their drive and energy towards developing their career. This individual attention coupled with our extensive knowledge of the sports and entertainment industries gives our clients the best chance to succeed.

With a mandate to help our clients grow and to achieve their goals -- both personally and professionally -- our services are some of the most innovative and comprehensive in the business, including championship training and nutrition, business affairs, marketing, media/social media, custom videos, public relations and more.

Since our inception, E2 Sports and Entertainment Management has been the global leader in talent representation, including over 50 elite athletes, coaches, industry executives and prestigious sports organizations across the sports, entertainment, fashion, media and defense communities.

Services provided include:

  • Talent Representation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Endorsements
  • Marketing
  • Nutrition/Physical Training
  • Building Brand through Social Media
  • Charity/Philanthropy Coordinating
  • Salary Arbitration
  • Tax/Financial Planning
  • Equipment Contracts