Integrated Logistics Support

E2 International, Inc. works closely with its clients to provide Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) strategies, procedures, computer tools and training required to support the acquisition, introduction, and life-cycle support for major assets such as ships, aircraft, electronic warfare and weapon systems, and expeditionary warfare equipment. The E2 ILS approach combines an in-depth understanding of the systems' concept of operations, Systems Engineering, and Life-Cycle Material Management backed up by computer tools and IT expertise. E2 International Logisticians provide support for all ILS elements and have expertise in the entire life-cycle of an asset including the Concept Development Phase, the Acquisition Phase, the In-Service Phase, and the Disposal Phase.

We provide Full-Spectrum LSA support – consisting of the following services:

  • ILS Planning and Management 
  • Life-Cycle Supportability and Management
  • Acquisition Management
  • Aircraft Depot Maintenance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Analysis of Supply Deficiency Impacts to Readiness
  • Diminishing Manufacturer Spares Analysis
  • Prediction of Improved Operational Benefits
  • Configuration Management
  • Technical Training
  • Technical Manual Tracking
  • Commodity Tracking
  • Parts Tracking
  • Reliability, Maintainability and Availability Analysis